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Thursday, June 20, 2013

YAY!! 2,000 Free Paintings!

HUGE NEWS! i've now created 2,000 pieces of artwork in my Free Paintings project!! can you believe it?! 2,000 square feet of art mailed to people all over the world. when i started this 6 years ago, i never thought i would get this far. thank you to the 2,000 people that are a part of this project so far. (and to the future people that will be!) especially thank you to the people that donated to help me keep this going!

i made a video to celebrate this crazy milestone. up until today, my painting process has been a mystery. well now you can watch my 2,000th painting come to life! i filmed a time lapse of me painting it.

as i'm sure you figured, i'm usually a few paintings ahead of my daily blog posts to be sure that i don't miss any days. so this momentous painting won't show up until Friday of next week. but since i've reached the 2,000 mark and i'm super excited about it, i'm telling the world now :)

a pretty cool stat: if you hung each painting above each other straight up, they would be as tall as a 200-story building. below is the shot from the video of all the paintings filling the screen. i added a human silhouette so you could get a better idea of just how much square footage of art i've made happen. please imagine yourself standing next to a wall of that size covered in paintings :)

so have i painted everything that ever was for everyone that ever is yet?... no?... ok, i'll keep going.

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thomas said...

My screw is the best one and the most Ali one there is. It was the first thing i put up when i moved into my new place.