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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

This Gent Is the Cat's Pajamas

i say! get a load of this seafaring dandy. well, isn't he just the bees knees? zounds! i swear he could be one of the fellows in the flicker shows, those talkies, ya see? this is the whiz-banging-est painting this side of the Atlantic. and it doesnt't cost one clam! hah! get it? clams are in the sea... ho ho that's just sharkfeathers. (instead of horsefeathers!) well now i'm just cracking wise. i'd better skedaddle before someone gets a bee in their bonnet and wants to start a row because i'm chiming in with the lingo that's buzzin' with the youngsters. i certainly don't want to get into one devil of a skirmish. 23 skidoo!

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