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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

My Free Cat Will Be Compared to $9.95 Cats

this is for my buddy Steve Gadlin. he's internet famous and TV contest show famous. he's brilliant. he executes lots of brilliant things but he's most well known for drawing cats for you because he was on Shark Tank for it.

his project is like mine only it's smart because it makes the dollars. he can create tons of artworks a day and his supplies are super cheap (Sharpies and computer paper). i can only crank out one a day and my project has a large overhead for canvases and paints. oh and also Steve charges for his work. brilliant! why didn't i think of that?

but no really, Steve is a hard working and hilarious dude. i'm honored to have painted a cat for the cat drawing guy. if quantity equals talent (so says the 10,000 hours in Outliers), well then Steve is the best cat drawer in the world. i hope my work is good enough to be seen by this master.

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