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Thursday, June 6, 2013

This Post Can Be Used as Evidence Against Me in a Mental Hospital

this painting is far less interesting than it's picture's file name. which is dogbaby.jpg. there's something i find hilarious about the nonexistent word "dogbaby". i have no idea why. hee hee. say it out loud :D i want to coin it as a word. and not a word for a universe where "puppy" never existed. i want it to mean something completely unrelated to a dog and a baby. and i want it to come up in normal conversation all the time. and i want it to be stated in a very flat, emotionless manner. let's make it a really specific use of the word "ok". every time you say "ok" and mean "yeah, i get what you're saying. keep going." you should say "dogbaby" instead.
Dogbaby interjection
1. Used by a listener to express that the listener understands what the speaker is communicating and that the speaker should continue
2. An uncreative file name for an image of a dog and a baby

Person 1: I was walking to the store
Person 2: Dogbaby.
Person 1: ... and the weather was lovely.
great! i can't wait for this to take off.

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