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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Bowser Used to Be Cooler Than Both. That's Why He Hates Them Now

it's called super mario bros. but it certainly doesn't seem like an equal partnership between the siblings. for one thing, their name is totally unfair. it's not super luigi bros. mario is definitely the star. further supported by the fact that i have yet to get a luigi painting request. what i find hard to believe is that luigi is taller. how is the short guy the more popular one? it makes me feel like mario was overlooked and under appreciated in high school while everyone loved luigi. but luigi peaked and after they graduated, mario's talents (i don't know... jumping, plumbing, eating mushrooms) started getting him ahead in life and he became the cool one. though i think luigi's cool with just taking it easy and riding the coattails of his successful brother.

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