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Thursday, May 31, 2007

bulk art

another trip to the post office yesterday. shelled out another 80 bucks for shipping. thats pretty much the norm. every time i go i've got an armfull of packages going all over the world. i've now become friends with the woman that works at the post office. we spend plenty of quality time together while she prints out labels. i'm sure staples is confused by the abnormal increase in how many XL sized packaging envelopes they're selling now. i also got some strange looks at the art store when i picked up my order of 200 canvases.

yesterday i also changed the design of my main page. and added a store for all my products. i'll be adding more t-shirts soon.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

deviant art

i have a deviant art profile now. now you can buy free paintings. woo!

Ali's Art Print Store

so go check it out now. cause who doesn't need a mug with a toilet on it??

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

pick you?

lots of people have been saying that they hope i pick their request to paint. i just wanted to say that this isn't a contest. i haven't rejected any request yet. i just work my way down the list of emails i get. if someone donates, they're put at the top of the list. i will get to everyone in due time. i dont pick and choose. though some requests are a little easier or weirder or more time consuming or more confusing than others.

robots and turtles and robots and turtles

today i did a reference to keith haring. ANOTHER robot. and ANOTHER turtle. those two by far are my most requested. i stopped posting all the duplicates cause there were too many freakin turtles on my site. i started making different robots too because i got bored of doing the same guy over and over again. i hope thats ok with the recipients. oh and i really like the jar. the guy that requested it let me put whatever i wanted in it as long as it was a jar.

Monday, May 28, 2007


i'm uploading an image to so i can sell posters of my free paintings. its taking forever. that means i'm posting to my new blog 3 times in a row.

so i'm thinking about my options now. by the way, is anyone reading this? i get a good amount of hits a day on my site but i don't know how effective blogs actually are. anyway i'm going to pretend i'm writing to actual people. back to options. here they are:

1. freelance artist- sell all the cute little desireable things in which i specialize. (t-shirts, paintings, sculptures, etc.)

2. rockstar- pursue a music career by playing live and trying to get the attention of a record label.

3. legit arty career- which be fun even if its "legit" cause i'd look for something in animation or character design or perhaps concept illustration or design

4. recording engineer- i don't know if this an actual option yet but i've been talking to the owner of a recording studio that is perhaps interested in hiring me

5. piano bar- just play the piano at some restaurant during dinner. i did it a couple summers ago.

6. free paintings- pursue it like crazy and hope that something comes of it. the problem with this option is that it takes a big investment in the beginning and there's no guarantee it will be returned.

7. work at starbucks- or some non-creative equivalent

8. starve- thats what artists do, right?

so to everyone thats reading this.... which is no one....what should i do? i feel like theres more but i cant think of them. number 2 is a reeeeeeaaalll long shot. but it would be cool to play my music live for a living. my power hour concerts are always a blast. (in case you haven't seen my site or been a college student, its a drinking game) getting the crowd drunk is never a bad idea. maybe i should do a tour of colleges. ok thats

option 9. play my power hour at as many campuses as i can.

and option 10 is become a mason. i heart manual labor.

my image isn't even half way done yet. this is taking forever. but anyways when it's done you'll be able to buy my poster. so look for a "store" section to be added to my free paintings page. and if you've actually read this, tell me what option number (or numbers) i should choose!!

i should make money

yes i've graduated. and now i must face life without formal education. i'm working on finding a job..... sort of. i'm actually just drowning myself in free paintings so i forget the fact that i'm unemployed. lots of people tell me i should just do freelance art. thats scary. i'm hoping to get a job when i go to help out at this 3-D animation conference i'm attending in august. a salary sounds cool. but then again so does making $0 (or negative $) because i'm mailing all of my artwork to strangers. i don't know. i'll figure something out. maybe this blog will help.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

the first post

this is where i will tell the universe about my art adventures.