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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

pick you?

lots of people have been saying that they hope i pick their request to paint. i just wanted to say that this isn't a contest. i haven't rejected any request yet. i just work my way down the list of emails i get. if someone donates, they're put at the top of the list. i will get to everyone in due time. i dont pick and choose. though some requests are a little easier or weirder or more time consuming or more confusing than others.

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Mike said...

Hey people! I got an email from Ali today saying that she'd finished my painting, and I live in the UK! So don't be worrying about whether she'll paint yours or not, because she could easily have tossed my request aside like a used (insert disposable object here). Instead, she cheered me up no end! And don't forget to donate!