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Monday, May 28, 2007


i'm uploading an image to so i can sell posters of my free paintings. its taking forever. that means i'm posting to my new blog 3 times in a row.

so i'm thinking about my options now. by the way, is anyone reading this? i get a good amount of hits a day on my site but i don't know how effective blogs actually are. anyway i'm going to pretend i'm writing to actual people. back to options. here they are:

1. freelance artist- sell all the cute little desireable things in which i specialize. (t-shirts, paintings, sculptures, etc.)

2. rockstar- pursue a music career by playing live and trying to get the attention of a record label.

3. legit arty career- which be fun even if its "legit" cause i'd look for something in animation or character design or perhaps concept illustration or design

4. recording engineer- i don't know if this an actual option yet but i've been talking to the owner of a recording studio that is perhaps interested in hiring me

5. piano bar- just play the piano at some restaurant during dinner. i did it a couple summers ago.

6. free paintings- pursue it like crazy and hope that something comes of it. the problem with this option is that it takes a big investment in the beginning and there's no guarantee it will be returned.

7. work at starbucks- or some non-creative equivalent

8. starve- thats what artists do, right?

so to everyone thats reading this.... which is no one....what should i do? i feel like theres more but i cant think of them. number 2 is a reeeeeeaaalll long shot. but it would be cool to play my music live for a living. my power hour concerts are always a blast. (in case you haven't seen my site or been a college student, its a drinking game) getting the crowd drunk is never a bad idea. maybe i should do a tour of colleges. ok thats

option 9. play my power hour at as many campuses as i can.

and option 10 is become a mason. i heart manual labor.

my image isn't even half way done yet. this is taking forever. but anyways when it's done you'll be able to buy my poster. so look for a "store" section to be added to my free paintings page. and if you've actually read this, tell me what option number (or numbers) i should choose!!


Amber said...

Yes - people are definitely reading this!

Amber said...

Oh, as for these choices. I say follow your heart, and if you live near Chicago - you can always stop by my house for food so you don't starve!

FryCookOnVenus said...

I say go for it. You're the only person on the planet that I know of that's doing what you're doing. You're one of a kind. I predict you'll be on Conan or Leno within the year ... and don't forget to mention me when you get there.

Rozencrantz the Sane said...

All the artists I know say learn a trade, that means masonry or recording.

courtney said...

Just stumbled across your blog and art today -- wonderful stuff. I vote with Amber - follow your heart, if you can do what you enjoy and not be completely in the hole, go for it! :-)