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Saturday, October 18, 2014

You Two Wait Here While I Travel

well, LA is calling again. i'm headed out there for a good chunk of days so

you'd better get well acquainted with these two. they're going to be hanging out at the top of my blog for over a week. i shall replace them when i return!


Anonymous said...

try all you want, but you will NEVER be like Anjelah Johnson...NEVER!!!

You are nowhere near as funny, talented, or good looking. You ARE an obnoxious drunken whore who never replies to her fans though, which I guess makes you perfect for the douchebags that follow you.

Anonymous said...

well well well scuttlebutt from LA is sating a certain drunken whore from Pittsburgh got humiliated at the convention. Gee oh gee I wonder who THAT could be?

Anonymous said...

so how much cock have you sucked while in LA u drunken tart? Was there any jizz in your mouth when you posted that SnapChat? or was it still sloshing around inside your vagoo?