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Friday, October 17, 2014

I've Made Zero Connections About the Muffin Connection

the person that requested this painting asked for a guy and a girl standing next to each other, each holding a muffin, and underneath, the words "the muffin connection". (sidenote: i think i nailed it.) when i read that, i figured it was something cute between he and his girlfriend. ok fine. i get requests like that all the time. but he followed it up with "this will make sense to me and four other people". so it's not a relationship thing. interesting! or well i guess he could be in a relationship with four people. i dunno, i'm just glad when things aren't what i expect. or maybe it IS about how he and his girlfriend met and they told three other people the story. that would be expected. geez, this post is getting really long compared to my usual. i should just stop speculating and ask him. i'm not gonna ask him.


Anonymous said...

FREE is still too expensive for these retarded looking paintings.

Anonymous said...

ali lets see your tampons