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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

CEO of the Zoo?

this panda is a lawyer. or maybe this lawyer is a panda. i dunno. but apparently wearing suits and pointing forcefully while holding your belt is a thing that lawyers do. at least according to this artist. i definitely don't think it's a thing pandas normally do. you don't really need to command respect via a wardrobe and aggressive gestures in a bamboo forest. or i guess the outfit and point could maybe mean he's a politician. or a car salesman. he's forcefully indicating the direction of great deals on used vehicles. wearing a suit and pointing forcefully could also make you a Sea World employee... but the suit would have to be changed to the bathing variety. but then he and Shamu would just get in disagreements over who is the best black and white animal. good thing lawyers are good arguers. i let this post get way too stream-of-consciousness.


Anonymous said...

looks like a retarded 8 year old drew it...oh did!!!!

Anonymous said...

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