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Friday, March 20, 2009

Video Game Music

since my company is small, i get to be designer, illustrator, (sometimes even programmer), 3-D artist and COMPOSER! i'm quite lucky to have found a place that actually pays me to make art aaaand music. or maybe my company is lucky to have found an artist that studied music. either way, a normal sized studio would outsource sound design so this is uncommon.

i just finished a couple of tracks for the latest game on which we're working. the game features a robot on a farm. a little odd, i know. so i made the music a little odd. its kind of a hoedown with mechanical percussion. you can listen to it below. the game also opens with a dream sequence so i took the same hoedown melody and arranged it in a slumber-like style.

Robot On A Farm
Robot On A Farm Dream

i haven't posted any of the video game music i've done in the past so i figured i'd use this post to catch up. the first one below is for a puzzle game where you knock blocks over to score points. it starts out with an intro where you're flying through the sky gathering points by hitting stars and rings. it then segues to the more low key music that loops as you play. the second one below is for a space shooter game.

Block Knock

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