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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Lightning McQueen

a request for the lead character from Cars. i know it got a lot of good reviews but i was disappointed with this movie, actually. the storyline was slow and predictable. the characters weren't memorable. maybe that's because they were all restricted to being vehicles. the dialog was lengthy and uninteresting. don't get me wrong, i love pixar. it's just the past movies were much better. and it seemed like people were talking about how great Cars was just based on the fact that it was Pixar not on the movie's merits. thankfully Pixar has made better films since then so i don't have to be upset. Ratatouille was slightly better and WALL-E left nothing to be desired.

1 comment:

DaughterEarth said...

you'll be happy to know they are spending their talent, time and energies making a cars 2 - instead of new movies :(