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Friday, March 13, 2009

A Pixie Changing the Result of a D20 and the Cheer Up Flying Penguin

why do i keep forgetting to post?! it's not like i don't remember to paint. i just forget to tell the internet that i painted.

when my mom saw the last free painting of a flying penguin, she was sad that i was giving it away. so i painted her a new, different one on her favorite color. well it's not actually her favorite color. she claims to not have a favorite color. but i know she especially likes when i use this dark blue for backgrounds. anyway, she got to jump the wait list just by seeming so dejected. and she already has too many pieces of my artwork. but you know, moms are special.

after i gave it to her she was very appreciative....and then said she wanted both flying penguins....and all previous free paintings as well. moms are crazy.

a tiny flying magical creature, and a 20-sided polyhedral gaming tool. hee hee nerd art.

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