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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Green Beer, a Ghost, a Robot, a Milk Carton and a Dog

this is my second post in a row that has to have two paintings. my excuse this time is that i was entirely too busy celebrating st. patrick's day. i'm a big fan of day drinking and it is completely sanctioned in pittsburgh for st. patty's day weekend. most excellent.

the request was "can you paint me a dog coming out of a milk carton?" and no other explanation. what the heck is that? why?? and is it a really tiny dog or a giant milk carton?? also, why?!?!

i'm guessing this is another relationship representation. i was asked to paint them either in love or looking like they're really great friends.

1 comment:

thomas said...

it's a tiny dog coming out of a regular sized milk carton.

See, you could actually make a giant milk carton pretty easily and stick a regular sized dog in there, though he'd likely not be very happy about it.
But if it's a tiny dog and regular carton, then it's slightly surreal and you can just assume the dog is happy to be there because he's not real any way and no one will call the SPCA on you for cramming a dog into things.

They frown on dog cramming.