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Monday, October 12, 2015

I Make Lines on Canvas and in Post Offices

Ok, back to the daily painting! I would apologize for the lapse but I'm sure you appreciated the video enough to justify it ;)

I am friends with my postal carriers. Well, specifically the ones that work at the office nearest to my apartment. I go to them once a month, every month, with a stack of 30 or so packages. These packages are always identical, rigid, 12x12 manilla envelopes and they always incite an incredibly long line of annoyed post office patrons behind me.

Now, when I say I'm friends with my postal carriers, that doesn't mean they don't hate seeing me walk in the door. The main reason I'm friends with them is because I actively make it a point to be so they aren't as miserable about the giant monthly stacks of work I bring them. Since moving to LA, my postal carriers have started to recognize me and my on-going mailing habits but I haven't crossed into the friend level. UNTIL NOW!

This painting is for Sherry. And the following three paintings are also for Sherry. (Actually, Sherry's son.) She just recently took one of our usual chats to ask what was actually in all the packages she was inputting and labeling. I showed her my Instagram feed. She asked if I'd ever done any superheroes. I showed her dozens. She told me her son likes the Avengers. I am very excited for my next visit to the post office where four of the paintings will be sans-manilla envelope and handed directly to their new owner. And not just because I need to be friends with my postal carriers. I hope she really likes the series I made and I hope she has even more fun than I did handing them over when she gives them to her son.

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