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Thursday, October 29, 2015


If M.C. Escher was a minimalist. This would be all he would paint.


Anonymous said...

your art is a joke...a sad fucking retarded joke...just like yourself.

DavidKovacovich said...

Hey Anonymous -
I will beat your ass if you ever talk to my Friend Ali like that again! Consider yourself warned!

Anonymous said...

hey David....your friend Ali is an untalented con artist who lives off her Daddy's money and scamming people on Patreon. She is a bi polar menstruating DYKE who only doesnt do porn because her tits are too small. She is a JOKE to other legit You Tube stars and the Lesbian community on You Tube HATES HER.

she is annoying....stupid...shallow...and a total cunt.

and you are a child molester

Kane O'Riley said...

You are a sad little dumbass with nothing better to do than try and cause shit on a blog, and somehow think you're superior to anybody? I'd probably take a look in the mirror before you start throwing stones buddy.

Anonymous said...

Ali is a con artist and a dyke. She is committing fraud via her Patreon.

You are just a stupid child molesting piece of crap, which is 99% of this untalented cunts fanbase.

Kane O'Riley said...

I'm surprised your parents allow you to have Internet access with the levels of intelligence you're exhibiting here. Pretty sure Ali and myself are doing just fine without your well wishes, so I'll bid you good day, you've already used up more of my time than is reasonable.