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Saturday, October 17, 2015

Guessing on the Requesting

This Pokemon's name is Fennekin. The requester asked for me to paint her daughter's favorite pokemon, Finagan. Finagan is not a Pokemon species. I Googled a bit and guessed this is the one she actually meant. Parents, am I right?? Don't even know Pokemon names, jeez. This was a living example of "Pokemon According to My Dad". Anyway, it's still unconfirmed that I got the right one because her response was:
OMG... This is so amazing... I absolutely love this... Thank you so much, you will have made a 9 year olds day!!!!
So yeah it's certainly positive. But there's also certainly a chance I would get that response even if I sent her the completely wrong species. We shall never knowwwwwww... Unless she sees this post and comments on it or emails me or something whatever the internet is weird sorry for broadcasting my private contemplations.

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