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Sunday, March 13, 2011

I Will, However, Be Interrupted By the Internet When I'm Recovering from Such a Day

i didn't post yesterday because it was the yearly day drinking event. you must know by now that i can't be interrupted by the internet on such an important day.

technically this is impossible. that star is in the center of the moon. the moon would have to be transparent or actually shaped in a crescent. or i guess the star could be in front. this could be a picture of the other side of the moon looking back towards the earth from outer space where there's a star between you and the moon. but the star would then be bigger than the moon.

this is based on a picture from the band Sunn O))). that name is pronounced "sun". the O and parenthesis are like a drawing. it's a circle with sound waves coming out that's based on the logo used by Sunn amplifiers. yep, a band with ASCII art in their name.

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