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Thursday, March 3, 2011

I'm Teaching Cincinnati

this is not a bengal. its a tiger. bengal is the adjective.

just like you don't eat ramen. you eat noodles. ramen describes the noodles. ramen is not the object.

i know i have more examples but i can't think of them. plus i would get frustrated seeing them all listed together.


DaughterEarth said...

do you know stupid ohio finally passed a law that people can't have tigers as pets. they made an exemption for stupid sports teams that had tigers as icons. Like even high school sports teams.

There are more tigers held as pets in texas then there are left in the wild. DEPRESSING.

thomas said...

I believe they're referring to Top Ramen, the brand, and most common form of ramen noodles, in an abbreviated form. So ramen is an adjective, Ramen a noun.

Further, I would wager at some point you have referred to paint as red, or green, and not red paint, or green paint. Same thing. Bam. You just got served.