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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Songs on the Nexus S Google Phone

the newest Google phone, the Nexus S, was shipped with three of my songs on it! Radiation by Spagnola, Radiation Orchestration and Robots for Everyone were all used as default ringtones. you get get more info on my music site and watch the music video for Robots for Everyone below.

there are some weird things about Robots for Everyone being a ringtone. for one, there are vocals which is not typical. the other weird thing would be the fact that the first line i sing is the lyric, "nuts and bolts", referencing robot mechanical parts. but there is a pause between "nuts...and bolts". a pause just long enough for you to answer your cell phone. so basically it is a ringtone with one lyric. and that lyric is me singing the word "nuts". but i am certainly not complaining. i'm quite thrilled to sing "nuts" over and over again on countless Google phones.

Radiation by Spagnola was featured on the Droid and Nexus one (as i wrote about before). it uses cell phone interference to create the rhythm in the song. Radiation Orchestration is a development of that where i warped the cell phone interference sound to create the whole track. you can listen to all the tones (and download a free one!) on my music site. you can also buy Radiation on iTunes:

Ali Spagnola - Free of Style - Radiation


thomas said...

This is pretty cool. You're pretty cool.

Coretta from Confetti said...

Have you ever seen Animusic? Look it up.