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Monday, May 11, 2009

A Story About a Rugby Ball

a few days ago i posted a rugby ball. while i was researching what they looked like, i came across modern ones that were white with colorful graphics and vintage ones that look more like american footballs. i decided to go with the vintage look but i really doubted my choice. so when i emailed the requester a picture of the finished painting, i asked if a modern one would be better. the answer was yes so i repainted over the vintage version. the requester was happy and i posted a recount of the occurrence on my blog.


Anonymous said...

Hello - Could I use your rugby ball image for two costumes for the New Zealand Sevens game in Feb 2010? We want to go as "rugby girl" and use your image on the costume. We can put your name and web location if you like. V.

Ali Spagnola said...

yeah, you're quite welcome to...and i appreciate you offering to add my website as well