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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Nicole....and Nicole and Ryan

this girl requested a painting of herself.

a few requests ago i got one of a guy requesting a painting of himself. i've never had that type of request before and i thought it was weird that i received such similar requests so close to each other. thinking about what i wanted to post to describe this girl's painting went like this:

i figured i'll mention that this girl is just like the guy a few paintings before that requested a painting of himself.

i noticed that in both their photos, they did the very facebook-like maneuver of cutting out the person they're next to even though it's clear there was someone else in the photo. i figured i'd mention it was funny they both did that.

i decided it would be even funnier if i put the girl's picture next to the guy's because they cut out someone on the opposite sides of each other. i would then joke about how compatible they'd be because they must think alike.

i realized the photos match up and this is a couple that sent in their requests together.

wow. yeah. it took me that long to come to that realization. i stared at both of their photos and painted both of their faces and still didn't get it until now.

neither of them mentioned each other in their request emails. nor did they mention each other when i emailed them to tell them that their paintings were finished. i wonder if they're still together. maybe they didn't even make these requests together! maybe they're just kind of friends that happened to have the same idea and executed it with the same photo!! i doubt it.