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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Giraffe Traded for a Camera

this was requested by a guy who's girlfriend's nickname was "giraffe". notice i said "was". by the time i emailed him to tell him that his painting was done and that i was going to mail it to him, she had broken up with him. though art is supposed to evoke emotion, a constant reminder of a breakup hanging on the wall isn't ideal. so i offered to let him choose from the unclaimed paintings. i have a bunch that didn't get responses when i emailed the requesters to tell them their paintings were done. he was happy to take a camera instead of the breakup tribute.


Jake the Animator said...

I just read about you on You're absolutely awesome. According to the cupcake story, you have a full-time job, too?
Your work/experiment/artists' statement is truly inspiring. i hope to shake your hand one day

Ali Spagnola said...

thanks! haha let me know when you're in PA cause that's where my hand is