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Monday, May 18, 2009


i order the canvases for my free paintings in bulk about 100 at a time from an art store near me. two weeks ago i called to place my order (which i do every 100 days or so). the store of course never has that many on hand and has to order them from the main warehouse. this time, the main warehouse didn't have that many canvases either! they said it was no problem though because they just had to put in an order from what i'm guessing is an even larger and more main-y warehouse and the canvases would be in in about a week. as you can probably guess, because i'm writing a post about it, the canvases are not in yet. i guess i'll be taking a (hopefully very) short break from my one square foot of art a day until i have art-ing supplies again! sorry! i hope i don't lose the tens of followers i have on google reader.

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