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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Gravedigger and Dove on My Birthday

geez i'm forgetting to post on WEEKDAYS now! i guess today can be special with two paintings because it's the day i was born. woo! now i'm 24....eek. does that mean mid twenty's instead of early twenty's? not that it matters. i just went figure skating and the woman selling the tickets aaaaand the guy working the door tried to give me the discounted rate for 12 year olds. dang.

this is inspired by the requester's chest piece tattoo. there's a sketch of it below. i think the tattoo is really cool because (the owner told me) the birds on the right side are pidgeons and the ones on the left are doves. but you can't tell from the sketch which makes it even cooler.

i once saw grave digger live. yes that's right...i went to a monster truck show. and if that's not bad enough, i went on valentine's day. yikes.

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