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Friday, December 26, 2008

The Google

google is an unbelievable, society-changing, stupendous, horrible wonder. and i love it. google has given us a global consciousness. one brain for all humans to feed and access. though it seems like something could backfire. either way, i'm glad i live in the age of google. and especially for my free paintings, google image search is a miracle. i just love that it's this huge cultural....THING. its not even a thing. it is intangible. but it's this incredible presence in our society now. i mean, it's become a verb! a verb i use VERY OFTEN. our reliance on it seems like there's a huge potential for abuse and manipulation. but shhhhh! don't tell google they own everyone's mind. i think they already know. i had to honor this google thing with a painting. plus my friend works for them and i needed a birthday gift for her haha

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