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Friday, September 5, 2008


the next series i'm posting (about 25 paintings) is for a juried show to which i am submitting. the requirements are that the artwork must be record sized or smaller and must fit into a milk crate. that is too perfect for me to pass that up. i've been told that my paintings remind people of records and they fit into record frames. so i'm going to submit a bunch of paintings in a milk crate for gallery viewers to flip through and take if they like. i hope i get accepted! so yeah, the next group of paintings will all be music themed to fit with the show.

first is an ipod. i figured i had to do this cultural icon some time. i'm just surprised it was voluntary and not a request. of course its going to be obsolete in a few moments. this will look like a cave drawing next year when new technology has surpassed it.

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