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Monday, September 29, 2008

Two Shows. One failed and One Old.

i've now reached the end of my music series and i'd like to mention that i did get accepted to that record themed gallery show. yay! i'd also like to mention that i got the day wrong and missed my own opening. not yay! what a dumb artist. but in my defense, the invite had the date correct but the day of the week was wrong. so the above picture is the only documentation i have of the series together. i supposedly was going to have them displayed in the gallery in a crate like that and give them away at the opening. i have no idea if they ended up being given away or not. the show juror hasn't emailed me back yet.

also, i've been putting off posting about another show from a while ago. this one happened successfully with me in attendance. here are pictures of my art getting freed:

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