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Friday, September 5, 2008

Another Skull Tattoo

another guy got my skull painting tattooed upon himself. forever. cool! google image search is so helpful. last time it was on a guy's knuckle. this guy went with the classic arm placement. i'll be sending this guy a painting too because he went though all that pain for art.


Steve Chab said...

too bad the lines are sloppy — unless that was intentional. i liked the knucks better.

billy said...

that was my knuckle, and its still very solid, i had it touched up a while back. wondering if i anyone knows anything about the person who got this on thier arm, where they are located at geographicaly? they sucked he original design quality out of my tattoo and im hoping they arent located close by cuz that makes it look like i have some cheesy flash tattoo

Ali Spagnola said...

he's actually in the UK so i think you're safe! glad to hear it's still very solid :)