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Saturday, May 9, 2015

Truth Is Just a Matter of Perspective

i googled "hedgehog" to find some inspiration for this caption. the wikipedia page for this animal says they're in the subfamily "Erinaceinae". when you google "Erinaceinae", it says "Did you mean: Erinaceidae" and shows you the wikipedia page for that term. oh man! this is my first encounter with recognizing a wikipedia error.

as i was typing that last sentence, i realized it was a lie. for quite a while on my own wikipedia page someone had written, "In 2008, Spagnola started a free art project called Fred Durst for President." hah! i thought that was freakin' fantastic. though since then someone has corrected the error.

oh dang i also just realized that i started this project in 2007. don't trust the internet, guys.

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