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Sunday, May 17, 2015

Guessing About the Subjects of My Paintings

sorry i forgot to post yesterday! i had my big "Welcome to LA" Power Hour Concert (my official first show after moving to Los Angeles) and i was very distracted with that. in case you were wondering, it went splendidly and everyone had a blast :D

the pic below is from the requester's short film. i do believe he's the guy in the orange hat because he asked me to put the orange hat fellow in the middle. or maybe he just likes orange hats. or doesn't like aviators.

this is catbug. i forgot this character's name so i couldn't find the original requester's email. i did some frantic and fruitless web searching for quite a while until i finally gave up and texted my nerdiest friend a photo of the painting. she knew the name immediately. human google.

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