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Friday, August 16, 2013

Adding Linguist to My Resume

the filename for this photo is "dogsbaby.jpg". as I've mentioned in the past, "dogbaby" is an interjection used when a person wants to tell someone they are understood and should continue speaking. (later illustrated in this example.) here's my proposal for what this new word, dogsbaby, should mean:
Dogsbaby interjection
1. Used by a listener to express that the listener didn't comprehend what the speaker is communicating and that the speaker should clarify
2. A very similar filename to "dogbaby.jpg"

Person 1: I was fishing at the networking event.
Person 2: Dogsbaby.
Person 1: Sorry, I mean not literally fishing. I was fishing for new hires.

awesome! now with "dogbaby" and "dogsbaby", communication will be so much easier!

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