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Friday, June 18, 2010


no excuses. just bad at having a blog yesterday. but today i'm twice as good at it!

if i could create a new form of punctuation it certainly wouldn't be just combining two other types. i'd want to make some type of punctuation that would denote what i'm saying is not to be taken directly. not that it would mean i was sarcastically saying the opposite of what i wrote. just that what i was writing should not be interpreted as exactly straightforward.

according to wikipedia, some people have used a variety "sarcasm marks" such as ¡, ؟, [!], ~ and <sarcasm></sarcasm>.

haha i like the nerd HTML option. of course if i actually started using a sarcasm mark i'd be putting it with 99% of my statements. i'd probably be better off making a mark that denotes sincerity and using that when needed.

this is a quetzal. scientists have hypothesized that it was the final creature to have come into existence. visual evidence suggests that god had many different colors of creation play-doh and squished together the final scraps when designing this bird. the name was also made with the remains of left over letters.

1 comment:

thomas said...

And you would totally need the sincerity mark for all the times you've told me how how awesome, hot and witty I am, right? Right? He said with all the hope of a child on Christmas morn.

When I was kid i learned that dinosaurs turned into birds*, so that bird got a dumb name because it was too dumb to evolve with all the other birds. I bet people think that its name and status as newest thing makes it special, but it really means it's just the slow kid who was holding up the rest of the class with its stupid questions.

*Bonus fact! Learning that as 5 year old, i decided that meant all my dinosaur toys could fly. Flying Allosaurus owns.