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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Mishra's Factory Is Manned by Nerds and It Manufactures Intelligence and Social Awkwardness

didn't post again for the same reason. luckily my mom decided to have a birthday today so i'm in my hometown visiting her and borrowing the net. thanks mom. happy birthday :)

another version of this magic card. i guess this factory lives in a climate that has distinct seasons. otherwise there'd be four versions that are exactly the same.

this series is actually for one of my coworkers who is an official magic judge. yep, the company i work for is a nerdfest. and its awesome.

1 comment:

thomas said...

I think I used all my nerd material for these on the first one. Also, you said nerd approximately 97 times here, so i feel i don't have to. Instead, I'll say happy birthday to your mom.

Happy birthday, Ali's mom!