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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Walking to the Sky

this is my homage to walking to the sky. this is the actual walking to the sky:

it's an outdoor sculpture that was recently installed at carnegie mellon university. the artist, Jonathan Borofsky, is a graduate from cmu's art school. this sculpture has been the center of much debate since it was proposed. a huge number of students hate it and didn't want it installed. they think its ugly and intrusive. they also think that it's going to be how our campus is identified from now on because its so prominent and big and...there.

i actually can't think of any student i know that likes it....accept for me! i think its fabulous! for one thing, it got the whole campus actively talking about art. and for another thing, it's HILARIOUS! really?....its called walking to the sky and it's a pole with people walking to the sky?....really??

i'm just hoping it's way deeper than the "inspirational" message i'm getting from it. i mean, it's fine art so it's probably too complex and esoteric to understand anyway. i HOPE. and in the mean time, i'm going to laugh at it. this sculpture even has people to look at it BUILT IN! so this masterpiece never stops being admired. borofsky is brilliant. i'm jealous. i want to make a big old, expensive, stupid thing and get praise for it.

ever since it's arrival, this art has been one big joke on campus. i've waited in line to walk to the sky many times. but i swear the line never moves.

so then people just start cutting! me and "guy in red" hat are never going to get our turn.

getting a photo with the sculpture people is a necessity when visiting cmu and people get very excited to do it like they're the first ones that came up with it. the sculpture people at the bottom have been dressed up a lot too. i'm actually surprised they've not been vandalized more.

also, the black guy's butt is the subject of many conversations on campus. purportedly it's well shaped. and i'd like to point out in the pictures, the paint is wearing off of it. i wonder why.

next year for halloween, my friends and i are talking about dressing as walking to the sky. sounds like we'll be the life of the party as a group of average looking, conservatively dressed, multiracial people carrying a pole!

the best joke about walking to the sky i've heard so far was from a comic in our school's paper. somone drew walking to the sky with a guy in a wheelchair at the bottom of it crying. yeah that's right. THERE'S NO WHEELING TO THE SKY.

so yeah...great art!

1 comment:

Evan said...

I still say putting a glass ceiling on it would be the way to go.

Also, I met the guy... I'm not sure how wise and 'deep' the ide was...