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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Game Jam, Pineapples and a Bike in a Garden

my company is hosting a game jam this weekend. for those who don't know - and i hope you don't because only nerds would know and i don't want nerds reading my blog :) - a game jam is an event where teams of game artists and programmers get together and develop video games in 24 hours. it's a giant nerd-fest sleepover. it started yesterday at 9 AM and i am still at it. ugh. what i do for my career. so anyways, that is my excuse for forgetting to post yesterday.

a guy asked for a girl's blue schwinn bike on a vegetable farm. odd but interesting.

this is the fourth pineapple i've painted. other fruit paintings i've done include a grapefruit, a bunch of grapes and an apple core. and i guess you can count the painting where a rhino is holding up a watermelon. i never could have guessed that pineapple would be most popular fruit request.

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