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Monday, October 27, 2008

Bacon and More Bacon....Plus Eggs and A Shark

ahh! i forgot two days in a row. darn the weekends distracting me. i was too busy being lara croft. yes, thats right. i was in costume a whole week before halloween. and i will be in costume on halloween and the weekend after as well. i'm a big fan of dressing up. so much that i guess it made me forget to post. now monday is extra special with three! which is cool because bacon and eggs is on the same post with bacon. when i got a request for a bacon sandwich, i titled the picture "bacon.jpg" because i thought to myself, "no one is ever going to request just a piece of bacon," and of course i was wrong. now bacon.jpg is a bacon sandwich but bacon2.jpg is a piece of bacon. plus i just created eggsbacon.jpg! what is with requesting bacon?! also, there's a shark.

atkins would have loved this art.

jews do not love this art.

duh dun.......duh dun...duh dun..duh da duh da duhdaduhdah!
....yeah that was supposed to be the music from jaws.

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