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Monday, December 15, 2014

Still Looks Wrong

orioles is so freaking hard for me to spell. i have to type each painting's name a bunch of times. when i name the file. when i add the title to my list of paintings. when i email the requester that the painting is finished. when i post the image on my Free Paintings site. when i label that image on my Free Paintings site. when i title that image on my Free Paintings site. when i post the image on this site. the beginning of this paragraph. the end of this paragraph. orioles.

that's a lot of times. every single time, trying to type the word has scrambled my brain. what is it about spelling the word oriels?! oroeils. oreils. oreiels. oreails. oreals. oreales. oriols. ORIOLES.


Anonymous said...

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