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Monday, November 24, 2014

The Most Paintings You've Seen at Once in Quite a While

yeah. i missed two days in a row. a whole weekend! i can't remember the last time i did that! i painted, just totally forgot to show them to you. sorry! soooo, here are three of them all at once.

anyone else upset by the fact that spiderman doesn't have nearly enough legs?

the person that requested this asked for a character from Final Fantasy XIV and sent me a picture of her. it wasn't a very good reference so i asked him the characters name, intending to image search for something better. i didn't realize the game is a MMORPG. there weren't any other images of her because she's his personal creation. so here's my creation is based on his creation.

i'm pretty sure i'm the only person on the planet that hates sandwiches. i'm totally not picky when it comes to food. i love almost everything. ALMOST everything. i can't handle sandwiches. yeah, i know it's weird. i've been told. i just had to many bagged lunches in school. soggy bread surrounding lunchmeat is just absolutely disgusting to me. i'm honestly even grossed out by my own painting. yikes.

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Anonymous said...

soggy like your vagoo?