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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

I Made You a Thing for Your Device!

I MADE AN APP!! and today it came out on iPhone & iPad and Android devices. i didn't talk about it at all on here as i was developing but i've been working on it for a looooong time. i'm so excited to finally launch!!

ok now YOU HAVE TO GET IT TODAY. seriously, i need your help! i put it on sale at 1/2 off for only today because the more people that download in the first 24 hours, the better chance it has to be featured in the App Store. which would be HUGE.

so help me out and go buy it! you've enjoyed over 7 years of free art. hopefully you think i deserve a buck in return :)

iphone ipad androidiphone ipad android

app sale2

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

about 20 of us have reported this app to google and apple as it encourages drug use and alcoholism.

see what happens when you are a drunken harlot who treats people like shit? its called karma alicia, get ready for it to kick you in the face.