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Monday, July 21, 2014

Thank Goodness the '90s Brought Around Lara Croft

sorry i missed yesterday. but i'm pretty ok with it because these two actually belong together!

this is Roll. she's a humanoid robot created to be a housekeeper. sure her name is Roll but she's not exactly the most inspiring ROLLmodel...hahaha... really filling her gender ROLL... haha... heh... heh. ugh, just keep reading.

this is megaman. he's a humanoid robot created to be awesome and courageous and battle bad guys and achieve everlasting peace. see what i mean?! why can't the girl be an epic hero instead of being created for cooking and tidying around the house?


Anonymous said...

"Roll" makes a lot more sense if you consider that in Japan, he's known as "Rock".

Anonymous said...

hhmm rhymes with cock,she should know this well.