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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Branded with My Brand

this is my logo. i always think it's a big deal when someone wants to have my logo as a painting. but not as big of a deal as what you see below. (i'm taking this opportunity to write about something crazyawesome that happened over a year ago.) holy crap! one of my fans got a tattoo of my logo. plus, that's my name in brail underneath. and to top it off, he said he inked the tattoo himself. whoa. he's got that, like... forever. no, not LIKE forever. forever forever. i'm insanely flattered.


Anonymous said...

did you suck his cock in gratitude? that is how you do things right?

Anonymous said...

she's is sucking some guys cock in L.A. right now but is afraid to expose the secret because she will lose most of her fan base and money if she does.her posts on Instagram shows that someone tall is talking pics of her.I don't support her anymore she was a slut anyways