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Sunday, June 22, 2014

Unloading My Art

this is my last post for over a week! i'm going to LA to play a show and meetings and a podcast and maybe another podcast and Vidcon. come see me there if you're going!

the guy that requested this didn't respond after i emailed him a picture to say it's finished and to get his address. now i have a painting of a cross with no one to take it. that's a tough one to pawn off on somebody, even when they ask for any subject i want to paint.

"here's this vague religious symbol! ok, i didn't really want to paint it. you're just getting someone's reject. or the result of a changed email address. or a message incorrectly marked as spam. really, any number of things could have gone wrong. so you get a cross."


Anonymous said...

you have no talent except for the ability to reproduce. go away.

Anonymous said...

Ali you would stick this up your cunt as your worthless parents and asshole brother watched