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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Eating Some as I Write This

this is the 7th request i've gotten for a self portrait. why is it of whipped cream? because i have a whipped cream problem. i eat whipped cream straight from a spoon. a lot. i do this so often that i have set a limit for myself of no more than one can a day. i buy cans around eight at a time. i'd say it's my only vice but then there's beer. one can is less than the calories in a candy bar so it's not that crazy of a habit. except it's not a candy bar. it's whipped cream by itself. (sometimes topped with whipped cream.) which nobody does. so that makes it a crazy habit. sometimes i think if i post to social media about it enough, it will become normal. it's not normal yet. anyway, i am a can of whipped cream.

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