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Friday, December 6, 2013

Leader of the Autobots and Higher Education

this is a request from someone who also attended my alma mater, Carnegie Mellon University. he asked me to paint what i think our mascot should be. well, he picked the right person for the job because i have some inside info.

i was actually a member of the group that oversaw choosing the current mascot. our sports teams are called the "tartans" which is a type of plaid. (yikes.) and the school put together some students and faculty to decide a mascot to represent us. that group ran a survey to let the students pick. the ranking was as follows:

3. a highlander
2. a scottie dog
1. optimus prime

yep. the students thought optimus prime should be our mascot -- via write-in votes -- by a HUGE margin. it was absurd and awesome.

yet, the students did not win. our mascot is now the scottie dog. cool. but nowhere near as cool as the sentient, transforming robot that we deserve.

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