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Thursday, January 17, 2013

So Much Huge

today is a huge day.

today is the day i fully commit to pursuing my dreams. yesterday i attended my final work meeting. i took the plunge and left my safe career to pursue music. i'm now officially a full time musician! (slash artist, of course)

today is the day of a huge announcement about something i've been working hard on for 3-years. the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board has finally reached a ruling in my "power hour" legal battle!

today is the day i launch my crowdfunding campaign to take my show on tour. i'm going to create a global party.

today is also the day i don't have a painting for you. sorry! i've been so busy with all these things, i got a bit behind on painting. but fear not! i just need a few of days to launch all this business and then i'll get back on track with arting for you.

now, check out this video for more details on all the things that today is:

then, check out my Freedom Victory Tour campaign to get in on the party!

sure, you're a little bummed that, today, you don't have an adorable painting to look at accompanied by a hilarious caption to read. but you can just go ahead an fill your time with contributing to my campaign instead. and then fill more time by telling everyone you know about it. hooray! and thanks for your support ;)

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