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Friday, August 17, 2012

Trying to Read a Seriously Irreverent Mind

here is what the requester asked of me:
something related to "Seriously Irreverent".... am hoping to be able to launch this soon... so an awesome logo/painting would be epic....
hoping to "launch this soon"? what is "this"? ok whatever. i responded:
so you just want a "logo" for the phrase "seriously irreverent"?
and he said:
Yeah something logo-y ... Thank ya much...
so i painted this seriously irreverent face dude guy face. and when i sent the requester a picture of the finished painting he said:
Haha!.... So not what I was expecting, but I absolutely love it!
what?! so then what were you expecting? because i certainly had no clue. i don't know why i feel like i should have given him what he was expecting. looking back on this conversation just now, there was no way for me to know what that was. i'm just glad he still liked it.

but in all the confusion of figuring out what he wanted and wondering what his "this" is, i failed to let him know that my paintings are very different from logos. an artist retains the right to reproduce images of their work even if someone else owns the original piece. so that means if he wants to use a picture of this painting as a logo, on a t-shirt, or even just put up a picture online, he should pay me for the reproduction rights. (lots of my requesters don't understand that.) not that i really care unless his "this" gets super popular and lucrative. i have a feeling this guy would be seriously irreverent about copyright laws anyway. hah.


thomas said...

I like this because it looks like a sinister bowl of Spaghetti-Os.

Ali Spagnola said...

mr. seriously irreverent saw this post and wrote me an email!

Saw the blog post re: the painting went up and it seems like I may have accidentally upset or offended ya which was by no means the intention. Figured I'd clear some things up that may have been misunderstood or something:

My understanding of the whole free painting project was being vague and letting you be creative was the idea, hence not being specific about what exactly I wanted.

"This" is a media/production project I have and am working on (thought I had mentioned it in the first email, but apparently might not have )

I actually prefer what you came up with than what I was expecting, so meant that more as a compliment than being upset about it.

I do not plan on using it in any professional manner whatsoever, I have an "official" logo and design that I'm using, but just wanted this as a cool thing to hang in the home/office.

Hope this clears things up and once again sorry if anything I had said or the manner in which I requested the painting came across rude or ungrateful.

haha this is what i get for making all of my thoughts public. my response:

no need to apologize! sorry if i seemed upset. it's only because i'm trying to be interesting on my blog haha! it's hard to be interesting once a day for 5 years. i feel bad that i made you feel bad! haha :) but yeah, seriously no worries about anything. vague was fine! wanting a logo was fine! not expecting what i created was fine! haha

i really do appreciate you writing to clear things up, though. and honestly, do not feel bad! i'm by no means upset or offended. and neither of us did anything wrong. because we're both awesome.