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Monday, August 20, 2012

Inaccurate Flag

this is the flag for a place in the US that isn't Bear City. looks like a Bear City flag to me. or more like Bear Island. a tiny, tiny Bear Island that only has space to accommodate one bear at a time. also you can only see one star from Bear Island and Bear Island floats in mid air over lava. does that sound at all like california?!

holy crap wait. i almost clicked "submit" to publish this post and then i realized this flag may be more accurate than i first thought. isn't california supposed to break off and float into the pacific at some point? i imagine it will eventually end up being just an island fit to accommodate a single bear. good job, california flag designer in 1911! for over 100 years, california has been flying this impressive prediction of the future and i'm pretty sure they don't even know it.

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