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Sunday, June 10, 2012

A Smile and an Answer

on friday, i said i'd give you the answer to what happened with the goldfish and the bunny "tomorrow". well tomorrow happened and you still don't know. sorry! i forgot to post :\ ok, well here's the answer. oh wait. first, i have to give you today's painting.

the requester wanted something black and white "that you REALLY REALLY like/want to paint." i can't say i REALLY REALLY like it. or really really like it. or even really like it. but i did want to paint it at the time. so it got painted.

ok, NOW comes the big reveal of what happens when a goldfish and a bunny like each other a lot.

bunny + fish = whatever this thing is


CatBoy said...

This is not a comment on this post but a question about a painting you did for me a while ago. I know this is a crappy way to ask the question but I thought I might get an answer faster this way than by e-mailing you since you get tons of those.

You painted me "Cat Boy." I work in pet rescue and took part in Maddie's Adoptathon (largest single weekend pet adoption event in the country) this weekend. I took a picture of Cat Boy and had it put on a t-shirt to wear during the event. Now a bunch of people want one. I know the painting is mine, but do I have the right to use an image of it for commercial gain (in this case to benefit a non-profit)?

I would love to use it, both because I was so pleased with the painting itself, and because our rescue is always in need of some funds, but I won't if you don't want me to.

Ali Spagnola said...

hey, yeah owners of an artwork don't own the rights to reproduction. but we can work something out. please email me.